Time to Diversify and Decolonise Economics – A Radical New Initiative

We take a holistic approach, as our mission involves three related, yet distinct,  goals. These are:

  1. More equal representation in terms of identity,
  2. More openness in terms of theoretical and methodological approach, and
  3. Decolonising economics by tackling the historically produced Euro-centrism in our field and its claim to neutrality and universality.

The holistic approach is what distinguishes D-Econ from existing initiatives promoting diversity and pluralism in economics. We strongly believe that any approach that focuses exclusively on only one of these three elements runs the risk of being inadequate, as it ignores other key aspects of marginalisation in the field. For example, diversity in identity is not enough to reverse the biases in the field if the dominance of the current paradigm is not also challenged, and challenging the dominant paradigm is not enough to ensure decolonisation.

Read our full mission statement here.

2 thoughts on “Time to Diversify and Decolonise Economics – A Radical New Initiative

  1. personalwealthsmith says:

    Hi there.
    I am a new student of economics. I share your aims, particularly regarding the euro-centrism of economics syllabi worldwide, which is mainly unchallenged. Good luck and thank you for taking on this task. And in indeed let’s get more women in meaningful positions.

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