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Full Name Elena Hofferberth
Preferred Name Elena Hofferberth
Pronouns she/her
Country Switzerland
Affiliation(s) University of Leeds
About Me Through my research, I am at contributing to the advancement of macroeconomic theory and policy that helps understand and address key challenges of society today. I analyse systemic drivers of climate change and ecological crisis, inequality and instability as well as the interconnection of these phenomena. On that basis, I scrutinise and develop ideas for a social-ecological transformation of both economics and the economy, including but not limited to post-growth and degrowth approaches. proposals. I am particularly interested in just ways of reducing carbon emissions and resource extraction, alternative models of ownership, and monetary and financial policy. I am excited to contribute to the development of new economic thinking and be part of several groups and networks with a similar aim, e.g.
Expertise by Geography
Expertise by sub-field Economic Methodology, Economics of Distribution / Inequality, Ecological / Environmental Economics, Financial Economics / Money and Banking, Heterodox Economics, International Finance, Macroeconomics, Marxist Economics, Political Economy, Post-Growth Economics