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Full Name Theresa Steffestun
Preferred Name Theresa Steffestun
Pronouns she/her
Country Germany
Affiliation(s) Walras-Pareto Center, Lausanne; Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung
About Me Theresa Steffestun is a PhD student at the Walras-Pareto Center at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. In her dissertation project, Theresa studies the concepts of power and psyche in the works of Friedrich Wieser and Friedrich A. Hayek and analyses the psychological and philosophical discourses they are embedded in. She is particularly interested in how the two Austrian Economists draw analogies between the psychological, societal and economic order and what role they assign science and the scientists therein. Theresa has co-founded the Network for Pluralist Economics and the Cusanus University for Social Transformation, where she establishes pluralist, problem-centered programs of economic education that are motivated by a caring attitude towards the world. Her research on economic textbooks evolved into the study of topographies of knowledge and nonknowledge not only in economics but in economized socities in general. As a board member of the Association for Socioeconomic Education and Research (ASEER), Theresa works towards the multiplication of innovative approaches to economic education. She publishes in the fields of history of economics, philosophy of science and economic education.
Expertise by Geography Europe
Expertise by sub-field Behavioral Economics, Economic Methodology, History of Economic Thought, Philosophy of Economics, Economic Education